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EMG PJ Active Bass Guitar Pickup Set Black

EMG PJ Active Bass Guitar Pickup Set Black

  • Brand: EMG
  • Color: Black
  • Condition: New
  • SKU: 100483
  • Body Color: Black
  • Country of Manufacture: United States
  • MPN: PJ Set
  • Product Type: Pickups
  • UPC: 654330401206

EMG PJ Active Bass Guitar Pickup Set

Color: Black
Brand New

Combining the EMG-P and a single EMG-LJ unit in a complete assembly, the EMG-PJ electric bass pickup Set gives you improved flexibility for new dimensions of sound. The EMG-P has a full complement of low register power and the EMG-LJ provides a full midrange and extended high frequency response for a well defined attack. Used the pickup separately, or in combination, they offer a flexible selection of bass tones, accommodating both new and traditional bass playing styles. The result is pure capability; the capacity to produce everything from tight slap funk to smooth Motown groove, all with a sound that'll set you apart.


The active Bass pickup of choice since it was developed, the EMG-P uses short, squat coils that have very little resistance and plenty of inductance. Because the coils are not in series like the passive types, there's about twice as much low end as a passive pickup. Ceramic magnets are used to add clarity. Countless pros use it because they find it has a natural presence, powerful lows, punchy midrange, and superior definition.

Features hum-free noiseless operation with an even timbred response. In order to make the composite bass sound more natural, EMG added steel poles for warmth and midrange.

EMG-LJ Replacement Pickup

Has a full-bodied sound that adds new dimensions to your bass playing. Featuring a very low ratio of resistance to inductance that increases the low frequency response, the EMG-LJ still maintains the narrow aperture for that typical jazz bass tone.


  • Package includes:
  • 2 EMG-exclusive cables
  • Prewired conrol set including 2 volume controls
  • Master tone control
  • Output jack
  • Battery clip


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